Baggage Handling Systems

Baggage Handling System Design, Baggage Handling Systems Installation

Millar Management, Design Consultants, have an international reputation for being baggage handling design consultants and architectural design in airport infrastructure.

Millar Management combine the technical capability around baggage handling design with operational knowledge and in house architectural expertise to provide a holistic baggage handling design service that not only provides system layouts and proposals but also generates operationally viable designs that form the basis for an efficient baggage operation.

Whilst our architectural capability is used widely in airport operational areas, it also helps us to coordinate more effectively with other design disciplines. In addition, we are able to fully space plan including all elements associated with the baggage Handling operation: BHS, roads, walk ways, platforms walk-overs, docks ULD handling zones, Out of Gauge Baggage Areas Control and Screening rooms, Welfare Facilities, etc.

Millar Management is well known, not just for its technical expertise in airport baggage handling systems but for using its industrial engineering approach to ensure that building layouts are designed to meet the process flows of operations. When MM design a new system, or re-organise an existing area, process-mapping is used to eliminate any duplicate or unnecessary processes. Once the operations of a business are understood and simplified where possible, buildings and systems are designed or re-engineered to directly meet the needs of the key processes. Waste and inefficient operations are eliminated or minimised.

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